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About Us

Alley Cat Signs in Lavalette, West Virginia has been the go to company for all your signage needs since opening in 1994. Martin Brescoach opened the company because he enjoys the business and it makes him happy to help those in the community. Alley Cat Signs helps companies not just in Lavalette but in Huntington, Barboursville and other outstretching cities. Martin Brescoach built the company on the ideals of creativity and expert service.

Alley Cat Signs is a full service sign company that treats you like a person rather than a paycheck. All of Alley Cat Sign’s employees are very personable and are certified experts in all areas of each sign design service. Alley Cat Signs is here to make sure that your business is getting noticed in this fast-paced business world. Everyone needs something to make them stand out to their competitors and Alley Cat Signs makes sure to give you their best work with each and every project that is sent their way.

Alley Cat Signs may be a small business; however, they can do the same if not more than all of the big business sign companies that are out there. Alley Cat Signs goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that your business is not just getting noticed but also giving it plenty of room to grow. Contact Alley Cat Signs in Lavalette, West Virginia today to help with your company’s next project!

We Serve Customers All Across WV, OH & KY and US

From Huntington WV, Charleston WV, Ashland KY, all the way to Lexington KY.

If your business is in the need for a custom sign of any kind, let our experts at Alley Cat Signs give you a quote. We can create monument signs, neon signs, channel signs, interior signs, illuminate signs, and many other custom signs.   Contact Alley Cat Signs for a Quote 

We Can Install & Service Any Sign in Any Style

We have built our custom sign reputation on prompt, courteous and professional service, and are well known for being amongst the most knowledgeable, capable and trustworthy companies in our field.

We Service & Install National Account Signage

If any regional or national company is looking for a professional sign company to handle the servicing or installation of their signage, call us. Read more about National Accounts →